Membership of the DOGHOUSE

After 10 years we have decided to introduce the DOGHOUSE MEMBERSHIP. It costs £10 a year, running from September to September.

Unfortunately this means we will no longer be accepting Frequent Dogger cards.

The benefits of membership are 2 fold. One helps you, one helps us. We need to raise funds to allow us to continue to operate (see below Doghouse going forward) and by becoming a member you are helping us do this. The second is that memberships entitles you to discounts on any gigs we put on. For a little more info on this, please see below.

To become a member, you can sign up at any gig, in advance from Revo in Halifax or online here.

Please note: If you become a member you don't need to book tickets in advance (unless we tell you via a mailer), your membership will guarantee your entrance at the members rate.

NEW hoodies and T shirts - For 10 years like...

On sale at upcoming gigs, a celebratory hoody for 10 years of the DOGHOUSE. Great for round the house, at grandmas for tea, walking on a spring day or something for a big day out to a city or tourist attraction...

Also good for boozer, gigs and sleeping in...

The front sports the DOGHOUSE logo in a fancy surround and on the back, a nearish comprehensive list of all bands

The sum of £15 for a hoody and £8 for t shirt will be required to purchase them and to do so please email

And what do they look like...?

Our 10 Year Old Story...

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