Booking Policy

I put our line-ups together with a massive amount of care, thought and love. 


I don't look for specific genres of music but the headliner is nearly always with an agent, signed or at least has a  record out and live reviews. 


We always have 2 supports, one is usually a local band/artist. The second support is sometimes a local band but I do book supports from further afield if I like the music.  In terms of local supports, our conditions are that they agree not to play in a 10 mile radius in the 2 weeks either side of our date, agree to bring a miniumum of 15 people (but we are not pay to play) and promote the show via our Facebook event and posters etc.
As I said we don't believe in pay to play.  We do however expect bands to put some effort in to helping get a crowd down.  We pay guaranteed fees for supports with the fee increasing depending on the effort put in.  In return we can promise a great sound, warm welcome and a knowledgeable and interested audience. 
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