February Friday 1st - Doghouse Comedy Night

Line up...

  • Headline act Nik Coppin
  • Danny Pensive
  • Matt Hollins
  • Compere Mike Belgrave

Nik Coppin

A stand-up comic for more than 10 years, Nik Coppin has performed all over the world and developed an international cult following. He has performed many solo shows at the Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringe Festivals, New Zealand and Melbourne International Comedy Festivals, all over Australia and the inaugural Hollywood Fringe Festival in Los Angeles.

Nik Coppin

His confident, affable and energetic style of comedy is quick to build audience rapport, as he talks about subjects as wide-ranging as observations on human nature, his experiences in The Antipodes, Europe and Asia, his extensive knowledge of wildlife, superheroes, music, movies, current affairs and his mixed race up bringing in London. His mother is English and his father is from Barbados.

As well as becoming one of the most professional acts on the comedy circuit, his versatility has also made him a much sought after compere. He has the ability to adapt to a multitude of audiences and is skilful, observant and affable enough put them immediately at ease.

In addition to this, Nik Coppin is also the creator, producer and MC of the international and hugely popular hit show 'Shaggers', which has experienced sell-out shows in Edinburgh, Adelaide, Melbourne, Darwin and a number of UK cities.

A spin-off of this show is the family friendly show ‘Huggers’, which in less than a year has become extremely popular at festivals in the UK and Australia.

“Nik Coppin’s carefree comedy and happy-go-lucky nature are irresistible….His rapid-fire style works no matter what the audience….If this sort of comedy is what Nik means by being honest and open, I hope he keeps it up. I can’t wait to learn more about the world from him” The Pun, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2012
"Charmingly hilarious host Nik Coppin’s comedy was effortless; engaging the audience’s attention with almost no effort at all"Rip It Up, Adelaide Fringe 2012

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Danny Pensive

“Catch this comic idiot savant before Vic ‘n’ Bob snap him up” - The List

“His audience interaction is flawless” -  The Skinny

“Cutting Wit – There’s more to him than meet the eye” -  Three Weeks

“full of eccentricity and wit, an infectious delight” -  FringeGuru

“You could almost imagine Harry Hill doing it” -Ed Byrne

“Vic and Bob meets Samuel Beckett” - Artsfest

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 Matt Hollins

The most exciting new act to emerge in the last year, Matt Hollins has already won four competitions including the highly respected Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year 2004, previously won by Johnny Vegas, Jo Enright, Mitch Benn and Matt Blaize.

His dry, deadpan delivery is offset by sharp, quirky observations and ideas. Matt is a comedian who has found his unique voice and persona. Judges at The Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year commended him in particular for the originality and standard of his material as well as his strong persona.

'Matt treads his own path, subtly turning the mundane events of his life,into something absurd' Leicester Mercury

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COMPERE: Mike Belgrave

"Could Nik Coppin be any more spectacular? Fast paced, witty, fun and amazing, all without any pretension. The guy you want to be seen at, seen with." (5 stars)

Shaggers show, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2010

"Amazingly funny stories, wickedly clever insights and a sense of fun that will drag anyone in. Super funny, super fun and charisma up the wazoo, Nik's awesome! 9/10 

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2009

"The banter is stop act full of energy. His hour went so quick, his charming smile and easy manner had the audience eating out of his hand and wanting more. Go and see him" - 9/10 

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2006

"My Dad has seen Richard Pryor roll out back in the day, and another relative has told me tales of what it was like to see Lenny Bruce both before anyone knew he was as well as Bruce at his prime. I have always been so jealous of them for that. But now, because of what I saw of Coppin's uber-pro performance in Hollywood, I can brag at them as they have at me!" (5 stars) 

Audience member Chortle post, Hollywood Fringe Festival 2010

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