March Friday 8th – Doghouse Comedy Night

Line up

Wes Zaharuk

This is definitely one of the zaniest shows on the market. If you like to laugh you won't want to miss this comic in action.
Wes Zaharuk credits his comic roots to his parents. They made ‘not listening’ an Olympic event. As a child, his parents dressed him in wool pants that were incredibly itchy. Complain as he would, his words fell on deaf ears. When he developed a skin condition that looked like a large, all-dressed pizza, he was tested for allergies. It was found that he was allergic to wool. Through it all, Wes developed his desire to be heard — if only to reduce rash.

About the use of props in his performance Wes quips “Show business sometimes lures people who didn't get enough love early in life. I feel as a child I didn't get enough unsupervised time with power tools but who has perfect parents?”

Early in his career Zaharuk’s fast paced razor wit and tornado-like approach to comedy caught on quickly. Soon he became one of the most requested comedian at clubs, colleges, and major corporations through North America.

Wes Zaharuk has performed around the world and his television experience takes him back to the days of SCTV and Bizarre. He appeared on America’s Funniest People and came in second one episode

Andrew Watts

Andrew Watts is one of the most talked-about new acts on the Comedy Circuit, whose distinctive style and original material mark him out as one to watch for the future.  Previously a solicitor in London, he is now a full-time comedian and writer based in Wiltshire.  His first full-length Edinburgh Show, "I wish I could be like Andrew Watts", received great reviews, and he is now concentrating on building his reputation on the club circuit.

As seen on FHM's Stand-Up Hero (ITV4) and The World Stands Up (Comedy Central)

Bethany Black

Remember being young and full of hope and dreams and confidence?  You know, before the world stripped them away?

Bethany Black does and she wants them back.

When her fiancee dumped her to join an experimental avant garde improvised all female noise collective called “Womb”  Bethany packed up her cat and moved into shared accommodation and quickly realised she hates living with people and wondered where it all went wrong.

Always outspoken, out of her depth and the outsider’s outsider, she looks at how she went from a self confident child to a quivering broken wreck of a human and back again, she examines the relationships that led her there and wonders if we are more than just the sum total of other people’s disappointment with us.

“Dark-tinged but magical” - The Guardian

“Bethany Black should prepare for world domination” - Bruce Dessau, British Comedy Awards Magazine

“The individual annecdotes are pitched perfectly… very funny.” - Steve Bennett, Chortle 

"Unusual and challenging - very clever - I liked him immediately" 

Ronni Ancona (from TV’s Big Impression and Strictly Come Dancing)

Compare: Tony Jameson

Since starting stand-up in September 2008, Tony has quickly established himself as one of the brightest up-and-coming comperes on the circuit.  Whether he is MCing, or performing a set, Tonys' quick fire imagination and cheeky Geordie personality make him an ideal addition to a bill.

Tony has received bookings and paid work to perform sets and MC at clubs such as The Stand, Frog & Bucket, Highlight, XS Malarkey, Big Night Out, Hilarity Bites, Ten Feet Tall, Kill for a Seat, Last Laugh Sheffield, including various other independent clubs across the country.

Tony is predominantly booked as a compere, however he is also comfortable doing sets including opening 20s and closing smaller rooms.  Based in Newcastle, he has also set up his own chain of Laughing Penguin comedy venues, where he is the resident compere. 

In addition to stand up, Tony is also a regular contributor to BBC Radio 5 Live.  He is also due to record a sitcom pilot in July 2011, and has been booked to perform at various music festivals.

'Fast-rising talent...'  Newcastle Evening Chronicle

'With his hyperactive brain and whimsical imagination, he is sure to keep the laughs coming....'

'Tony is trailblazing his way through the circuit with a funky look and sharp material...'  C69 Comedy

'The only thing growing quicker than this Newcastle comics rep, is his hair....'  One Night Stand Up, Durham

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