Fri June 12th The Burning Hell + From The Hills + Nick Ferrio

Arden Road Social Club (Main Room)

£8/7adv & on night for regulars from Revo Records Jumbo Records & 

The Burning Hell

"How to describe The Burning Hell? A wordy rock band with clarinet and horns, or should it be pop? It’s hard to do them justice with a description of the sound; the real skill is in the song-writing.(...) The songs are funny and moving and clever (...) There was a lot of love at the Gallery Cafe for The Burning Hell. We laughed at their jokes, we applauded their harmonies, and I suspect they’ll be getting a very warm welcome when they return to London with the full band in September. I’d advise anyone who likes live music, charming beardy men, and songs with a story, to get themselves a ticket!” 
- (Pauline Godfrey, RebelRebel, UK live review) 

"Not many albums open with the line "You were a Nazi hunter..." it's just one notable way in which The Burning Hell's sixth LP (but first in the UK) proclaims its lone wolf conceptions. The band is mostly the product of songwriter Mathias Kom, a mischievous, caustic people's poet with a world view that lets you know the good guys occasionally win. (...)"
- (Andy Fyfe, Q Magazine, UK) 

"Lyrics are the thing for Newfoundland-based songwriter Mathias Kom, his sixth album houses some extraordinary stories, not least the word-heavy "Amateur Rappers"... 
- (Alastair McKay, UNCUT, UK) 

"I just love this. (...) This is one of the freshest, sharpest, hippest, funniest songs that has come our way in a LONG time, and the video matches the record - frame by frame - for its dry, knowing rapid-fire wit.. (...)"
- (Tom Robinson, BBC Introducing / Freshonthenet on Amateur Rappers) 

"He's our Randy Newman and Cole Porter rolled into one, with one eye on the coming apocalypse and another on the neck of his ukulele." - (The Globe and Mail, CA) 

"Kom doesn't try to create moments that are bigger than life. No, he focuses on making life's most basic elements combine in wonderful, magical reactions. Through Kom's eyes, we see life is for the living, not the dreamers. The real rewards come from finding the hidden beauty in what we have, who we are and and who we meet, not in what we desire."
- (Herohill, CA)

Nick Ferrio

Nick Ferrio is a Canadian songwriter working in country and folk music. His sophomore album entitled Amongst the Coyotes and Birdsongs examines the ferociousness of love.

Amongst the Coyotes and Birdsongs is a subtle, understated and confident collection of songs. Recorded partially in Sackville, NB and partially in Toronto, ON with producer Gavin Gardiner (The Wooden Sky), the album features collaborations with Julie Doiron, Tamara Lindeman (The Weather Station), Steve Lambke (Constantines), Ian Kehoe (Marine Dreams) and Evening Hymns. Building on his previous releases Introducing Nick Ferrio & His Feelings andHalf the Time, Ferrio has come into his own with Amongst the Coyotes and Birdsongs, offering catchy and sophisticated songs, and claiming his place as one of Canada's best kept secrets.

The album will be co-released in Canada on May 28, 2015 on Headless Owl Records and Shuffling Feet Records.

Nick Ferrio often tours Canada and Europe with a rotating cast of sentimental ladies and gentlemen under the moniker of Nick Ferrio & His Feelings.

Nick Ferrio “continues to be a forceful presence in Canadian folk music.” –Exclaim!

He “captures country music at its best.” –No Depression