Jan 29th - HUNCK + Postcards from Jeff + Moth Loves The Flame

Arden Road Social Club in Halifax, West Yorkshire : 8 till late
£7 DOGHOUSE members : £7 advance from Revo (no booking fee), Jumbo or Ticketweb
JSA FREE entry : Low income price on the door

Super pleased with our opening line up of 2016, our 11th year! HUNCK opened Green Man Festival on the main stage and they were really, really good. Fast forward 5 months and we've bagged them for Halifax!

Really strong support from Postcards From Jeff too (just read the reviews) & opening up, new local band Moth Loves The Flame.
Advance tickets £7 from Revo (no booking fee), Jumbo or Ticketweb or if you are a member just pay on the night (see doghouse posts for details of our membership scheme).
"Slow, sad guitars recall the more touching moments of Mazzy Star, and its difficult not to be drawn in by the yearning lyrics." NME
"Like a group of stoned teenagers gliding by in the back of trucks speeding across motorways, there’s a gleaming gloss to this early offering. Sleepy and very much content with its slumber, this is one to drift off to." DIY
“Hunck have found a way to mix George Harrison, Tame Impala and Elephant Stone… a languishing tune with a guitar part that has written earworm all over it.” HERE COMES THE FLOOD
"It’s easy-listening at its finest and you’ll be hitting the repeat button without realising as it blasts through your headphones. If they continue with their twist on the dream-pop sound that everyone is going crazy for, everyone will know Hunck this time next year." NEVER ENOUGH NOTES

“Chugging along in a surf-rock funk, it warps and buckles the old format, delivering a punch that’s hard to define. A bit of a banger really.” SHINY SHINY NEW 

London based band HUNCK have released their latest single 'I'll Wait', a wonderful mixture of dream-pop vibes, killer vocal melodies and psych guitars. The single was premiered on NME.com.
HUNCK were born out of the post-riot depths of Tottenham in 2013. Estranged childhood friends Frederik and Thomas reconnected after a series of heartbreaks, losses and unfortunate events to indulge and share their love in the gloomier sounds of long dead crooners such as Al Bowlly and Frank Sinatra. 
Initially releasing the dream tinged cover of Frank's "In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning", they went on to release their cassette only debut EP 'Something Missing'. After a period languishing in the hiss of their broken hi-fis and the repetitive thud of darts against a local dart board, Frederik and Thomas recruited Kieron, a space cadet fresh off the plane from LA on drums, Alfred, a cyborg found in Southampton hospital after undergoing treatment to fix a broken neck on bass and Michael whom very little was known about on guitar. 
After playing at Green Man and Reading Festival and a few dates supporting The Polyphonic Spree, HUNCK will be announcing more dates soon.
POSTCARDS FROM JEFFf sounds like its name: a love letter from a romantic time and place, marked equally by its picturesque view and halting brevity. Good music, wish you were here. CMJ

A bold meticulously composed cinematic statement Big Issue
A sexy New Order Louder Than War
Intriguing and encapsulating Cinematic Music Manchester Evening News
Truly charming. This could be a new genre. Steve Albini
The emotional depth of The National meets the atmospheric folk of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot-era Wilco meets a hint of James Mercer Baeble
This is the thinking man's indie rock in its purest form 1340 Mag
Postcards From Jeff brings the tensions between town and country just a little bit closer. Working class Springsteen-ian ballads with a UK heart. IMPOSE
Heart warming blasts from the past. A cinematic masterpiece. NARC Magazine
A dreamy ride that gets inside of you in a good way. This is a new type of dreampop, folks. Get on board, take a journey In Your Speakers
Taking vast almost cinematic synth beds and layering them with indie melodies and a gentle and somewhat understated vocal, this is dreampop with expansiveness. I Love Pie
A Brooding Indie Pop masterclass. Fecking Deadly
This is music that latches on to your brain and refuses to let go—not that you're likely to mind. Nooga
A modern era classic. Jammerzine

Postcards From Jeff release their debut album Modern Language 23rd October 2015. An elegy for cinema revealing stolen glimpses of another world, another life. Each track a cinematic snapshot, shifting and shimmering in a flickering film light, capturing the timeless claustrophobia and psychodramas of small town suburbia. A soundtrack to a world wrapped in a rich language of isolation, of disconnection and delicious melancholia, where characters reach out to connect but miscommunicate with every step, staring into the darkness from the tree lined streets, out across the windswept moors and epic cloudscapes to a coming storm. 
This is brooding lustrous indie pop from a Manchester newcomer driving a line somewhere between the dreaminess of Mercury Rev and the vastness of Sigur Ros, by way of kindred spirits The National, Guided By Voices or the exultant cinematic reach of a band like M83. It's ten killer tracks are built from simple and evocative foundations into Lynchian epics of mood and wonder, combining songs with soundscapes and the electronic with the analogue to create a world that's as much Americana as it is Manchester and as much about film as it is about music.