May Friday 24th – POST WAR GLAMOUR GIRLS + Supports

Line up

  • Special guest Caitlin Park
  • Nose
  • Fall to Fly
  • DJ Russ (kibbutz) after band set.


It's taken about a year of trying to finally nail down a date for Post War Glamour Girls.  Without doubt one of the most exciting bands to come out of Leeds for some time and we are very pleased to have them.

The supports were all sorted too until we were given the chance to book Caitlin Park. Given that she's on tour from Australia such chances don't come along often so we've shoehorned her onto the bill, we hope you'll agree that it's a good move..


Post War Glamour Girls

In the last 12 months Post War Glamour Girls have built up a formidable reputation within Leeds ever creative music scene.  Timeless in their approach, they spit desolate, often surreal tales of dubious morality over frenzied literate rock and roll foundations.  This singular vision and a magnetic stage presence saw the band chosen to open the NME/Radio 1 Stage at Reading and Leeds festivals 2012.    

The band came ranting and raving to life at the beginning of 2011, with unhinged performances at a series of house parties and tiny venues.  Tense builds, feverish eruptions and lucid, cold blooded breakdowns became their currency, lead into battle by James Smith’s sharp turn of phrase, berating the ways of the world in his withered baritone croon, before erupting into a splintering roar.  Embracing their adopted city’s strong DIY ethos, a sold out 7” single ‘Ode To Harry Dean/ Spitting Pearls’ was followed by an EP ‘Tragic loss; he had such a lovely house’.  

A cohesive artful aesthetic was becoming evident in their output, clearly indebted to the late 70s and early 80s when the term ‘indie’ meant something.  Following the release of the EP, the band performed at Reading and Leeds festivals, had a main stage slot at Beacons Festival as well as a series of venue capacity shows at inner city festivals such as Live at Leeds and Long Division.  Pitched somewhere between The Birthday Party if they’d hailed from England’s industrial North and the Smiths if their dissatisfaction had boiled over, Post War Glamour Girls are busy creating a world for themselves.  Their energy and conviction marking them out as a band people can believe in.         

Forthcoming double A side single ‘Jazz Funerals/Johnny and Mary’ captures a young, fiercely intelligent band in their ugly element.  As part of the band’s debut album sessions, it was recorded at break neck speed in Greenmount Studios by Lee Smith and Jamie Lockhart whose credits include the Cribs and Forward Russia.  ‘Jazz Funerals’ explores the fear of death and how we (individually and culturally) deal with the inevitable.  In typical Post War Glamour Girls’ twisted style, it starts out with frontman James Smith envisioning his conception via “Some unforgettable action, In the back of a Datsun” before requesting that when he finally does meet his demise, his co-workers “Scatter his ashes by the coffee machine”.  

Musically, Ben Clyde crafts a rickety click-clack march underneath a creeping bass line from Alice Scott, while James Thorpe-Jones underpins the stomp with a slick chopped guitar hook in the verses before drifting out across the chorus into a blanket of sonic chimes.  ‘Johnny and Mary’ is a beautiful succinct take on the Robert Palmer classic, taking its infectious synth melody and re-imagining it as a broken and gnarled fuzz guitar line.  A fine tribute to a pop icon 10 years after his death.

Caitlen Park

From Australia Caitlin Park writes and performs folktronica, taking folk and electro-acoustics to new heights with her abstract composition, sampling and film nostalgia. CP’s fascination with language was nourished by a part-time post at a cult video store around the corner from her family home. This culminated in a piece of music based on the murder plot scene in Hitchcock’s Dial M For Murder – her reverse soundtrack. Then, songs that were written for short films began to take shape as folk snapshots riddled with sound effects and dialogue taken from 1940/50s films.

Releasing her debut album last year, to critical acclaim, MILK ANNUAL is a sprawling, intricate and heart-warming foray into the soundscapes of old films, audio books, spoken word, and minimalistic musical arrangement. MILK ANNUALis as much an exploration in found sound and sonic design as it is an exhibition of modern folksong construction. You will hear kids screaming, the clink of roped boats, struck matches and irregular heartbeats mixed with layered vocal sampling and overlaid by a singer with a voice that wraps you up in a warm blanket. Masterfully pulled together by Liam Judson (Belles Will Ring, Cloud Control, Sister Jane), and featuring performances by Holly Throsby, Aidan Roberts and a song co-written by Peter Broderick (US), MILK ANNUAL is inspired by the likes of Steve Reich, the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, CocoRosie and The Sleeping States.

Over the years, live shows with national and international bill partners have helped showcase Caitlin Park to a vast audience and have included Active Child (US), First Aid Kit (Sweden), James Vincent McMorrow (Ireland), The Staves (UK), PONY UP (Canada), Holly Throsby, The Devoted Few, Laura Jean, and Leader Cheetah. 
CP is currently writing her sophomore album, boasting even more sampling, a bigger sound and more filmic-esque adventure. 


Drunk on the pungent fumes of the Scarborough seaside air, in late 2011 the four members of NOSE decided that it would be appropriate to form a band, with a view to perform rock and/or roll, mainly sticking to roll. Having already supported such names as Bleeding Knees Club, as well as being described as “pretty bloody noisy” and “loud as fuck, snarly and somewhat bratty” by Sonic Masala and Fuzzy Logic respectively, NOSE will destroy you and all you hold dear. You will love it.

Fall to Fly

Fall to Fly are a four-piece alternative indie rock band from Halifax. They are a young and upcoming unsigned band, with members Joe Nunn, Tom Waterworth, Danny Cooper and Oscar Metcalfe.

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