Fri November 14th - Random Hand + The Astral Plain + Niamh O'Leary

the DOGHOUSE : Random Hand + The Astral Plain + Niamh O'Leary

Arden Road Social Club
8pm till late

£7/6 adv and frequent doggers
JSA free/low income £4

The last Doghouse till January sees the very welcome return of British ska punksters, Random Hand.  It’s 5 years since the band last played the Doghouse but those who saw them that night have never forgotten them.  ‘Without question Random Hand are one of the best live bands who have played for us in the past 9 years, said Michael Ainsworth of the Doghouse, ‘they’ve been requested to come back a number of times but for various reasons it’s not happened till now.  We are so pleased to have them sign off yet another year for the Doghouse. It’s our 10th Birthday next year and we’ve some great things planned’.

Random Hand is a British ska band, formed in Keighley in 2002.[1] Their sound fuses influences from many genres, including ska,reggae, punk rock, metal, hip hop and dub. The band is typically associated with the punk subculture, due to its ethics and lyrical content. Their lyrical themes are mostly of a sociopolitical nature, however recent albums 'Inhale/Exhale' and 'Seething Is Believing' feature more personal lyrics and subject matter.

‘The concept of “difficult third album” might be an age old cliché, yet thankfully for Random Hand it doesn‘t apply here; ‘Seething Is Believing’ represents their finest effort thus far. Continuing to fly the flag for consistently solid horn-driven punk rock, the 300 shows in the two years since 09’s ‘Inhale/Exhale’ has honed the band into a tightly-wound unit. Joe Tilston’s rumbling bass provides the blueprint throughout; the horn section adds depth rather than cluttering things up and Robin Leitch’s snarling vocal still comes loaded chock full with all the spite necessary to make this a truly hard hitting record’. Rocksound.
‘A consumate band of top-class entertainers who write banging, danceable tunes with great lyrical content’ Just Another Magazine.