Sunday 19th January 2014 - Social Sunday with BOOTYLICIOUS + MOTHER ONION

We think it's a lovely way to spend a late Sunday afternoon listening to live music, chatting to mates over a drink or two. So, we did it last year and we are doing it again, it's our Social Sunday. It's post Christmas so just pay what you can (£3 min per adult/ kids are free). We'd rather not charge but we've our two bands to pay for.

It's also my birthday, no presents please, just donations to

6 people who have given blood sweat and tears honing their combined musical talents in various local supergroups for the last 20 years or so, came together in nuclear fusion accident of rhythm and booze, forming one of the best bands you will ever see on’t night.

Having known each other for years, we all got together and decided to take over the world!

A few rehearsals later, we realised that was a little bit too ambitious, so we decided to scale our plans down, (just a bit) and go for a takeover on a more local scale.

So here we are, coming to a Venue, Wedding, Engagements, Divorce party, Funerals, Bar mitzvah, (Delete As Applicable) near you. (No seriously, we will play anywhere)

We are all about fun and making sure you enjoy the night, there is no cool or pretense that we are anything other than a good time party band.

Bring your dancing shoes, have a booze and let yourself go, See you on the dance floor!